I used to contribute actively to the Fish community. I authored some of the more popular plugins like z and fzf.

I care deeply about the tools I use (Emacs and Nix). Recently I wrote a package for note-taking, and an accompanying blog post that made it to the front page of HN.

I read widely, and accumulate all my knowledge in my braindump, which I'm fairly proud of.

I have done several internships. The first was at Carousell, where I started as a back-end intern. I ended up spending a year there in several different roles. I'm especially proud of building and deploying the bulk of the image search and price suggestions feature.

I've also interned at Twitter, where I built data pipelines, as well as MagicRecs, Twitter's recommendation system.

These days I think a lot about biologically plausible machine learning, working with spiking neural networks in the Reinforcement Learning setting.

I like to toy around to validate ideas, and most of my work can be found on GitHub.